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Web2 login for web3 apps

Allow users to log in to your app without a crypto wallet. Instantly create non-custodial wallets linked to their email addresses. Fully customizable and white-labeled to fit your app.

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Build your ideal user experience without wallet constraints.

Zero crypto needed.

Buy NFTs and make contract calls using credit cards.

No seed phrases.

Create wallets with just an email address.

No annoying popups.

Sign transactions on behalf of your customers.

Gasless transactions.

Sponsor gas fees for any transaction.

Fully functional wallet.

Every user has access to a complete wallet.

WalletConnect support

Transaction signing

NFT gallery

Asset management


Production ready in minutes.

1import {
2  PaperEmbeddedWalletSdk,
3} from '@paperxyz/embedded-wallet-service-sdk';
5const sdk = new PaperEmbeddedWalletSdk({
6  clientId: "MY_CLIENT_ID",
7  chain: "Polygon",
10<button onClick={() => sdk.auth.loginWithPaperModal()}>
11  Connect with Paper

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Peace of mind.

Secure. We use Threshold Secret Sharing to make sure your users' private keys will never be compromised.

Fully compliant. Our wallets are non-custodial, so you never have to worry about complex regulations.

Always available. Our wallets have 99% uptime, so your users will always be able to access their wallets and NFTs.

Create a seamless NFT experience.

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