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Make web3 simple for your users.

Users can create wallets with their email & buy NFTs with their credit card.

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The all-in-one toolkit for NFTs.

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NFT Checkouts

Accept NFT payments via credit card, Apple Pay, or cross-chain crypto.

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Embedded Wallets

Spin up wallets, sign transactions, and sponsor gas for your users.

conversion rate

Increase your conversion rate by ~50%

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Developers love us

Dan Borstelamnn

Head of Engineering, Fractal

Paper is the perfect match for Fractal's players so they can spend more time playing the games they love instead of figuring out how to purchase an item.

Mag Rodriguez

Founder & CEO, EVEN

Paper's seamless checkout process has opened the door for the next generation of Web3 users to support their favorite creators.

Far Sawar

Senior Product Manager, Fnatic

Paper were with users every step of the way and took the time to understand our requirements and provide solutions with a clear path forward to achieve our ambitions within extremely tight deadlines.Their high availability and flexibility made us beyond comfortable working with them and providing our users with a great experience.

Darryl Tan

Head of Meta, Mighty Jaxx

Through this partnership with Paper, we are excited to be building new bridges for our collectors globally where they can seamlessly buy and trade digital collectibles just like they would with our phygital collectibles.

Production ready in minutes.

1import { 
2  renderPaperCheckoutLink 
3} from "@paperxyz/js-client-sdk"
5const openCheckout = () => renderPaperCheckoutLink({
6  checkoutLinkUrl: "
7  intent/eyJhbGc...",
10<button onClick={openCheckout}>Buy with Paper</button>

Get started with a few lines of code.


Install Javascript SDK

yarn add @paperxyz/js-client-sdk


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Peace of mind.

Secure. Non-custodial wallets with no single point of failure, so that private keys will never be compromised.

Charge-back protection. 100% chargeback protection against stolen credit cards.

Fraud-detection. Risk-adjusted KYC so that 96% of your customers don't have to go through verification.

Create a seamless NFT experience.

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